The Yacht Sales Co Regatta 2023 – Day 1

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Alright & Twin Sharks claim victory on first day of Yacht Sales Co Regatta

Photography by Scott Murray

Chalong Bay was abuzz with mono-and-multihulls on the first day of the Yacht Sales Co Regatta as PRO Simon James held three races each for the three-boat monohull and eight-boat multihull classes.

It was a beautiful sunny day and the wind held as James Bury’s Alright (formerly Emagine) sailed to three straight victories in the monohull class. Niels Degenkolw’s Phoenix placed second in all three races and Fang Liang Zhou’s Sumalee placed third in all three.

John Newnham’s Twin Sharks, which has won many regattas in these waters, proved its pedigree on the day winning the third race and placing second in the other two to finish with five points. Before it’s mishap (see below), Fugazi won the first two races and was on pace for a great day. But even with the DNF, Dan Fidock’s boat still sat tied for second with George Eddings’ Blue Noze, both with eleven points.

James Haste’s Bonza came fourth on the day with 13 points followed by Glywn Rowlands Twister 2 in fifth with 14 points. Tom Cracknell, a PYC favourite, has flown in from his job in Dubai to compete in the regatta. Dirk Weiblen’s No Fear placed sixth with Roger Diggleman’s Asia Catamarans in seventh. Terrific to see Asia Catamaran Alan Carwardine founder out on the water competing again as he has been battling serious health issues the past year. Andrew McDermott and his all-female crew on Trident rounded out the multihull class.

At the start of the third race, Fugazi’s starboard shroud snapped, bringing down the mast. The crew had heard a banging sound during the previous race and even sent Ciaran Corrigan up the mast to have a look-see, Nothing was detected at first

This could have been a disaster and the end of the regatta for many but the experienced crew on Fugazi (Joel Berg, Ciaran Corrigan, Scott Duncanson, Dan Fidock, Nick Gutry) took in all in stride, not panicking once.

They first pulled in the main, still attached to the mast and dragging in the water. Then they were able to balance the mast on the middle of the boat as they drove into the M-9 boatyard to repair the boat.

So basically, the mast dropped at 2pm; the rig was back in at 6:45pm with new shrouds and forestay, fabricated and installed. It was launched at midnight, ready for action the next day without incurring any injury to the crew.

Paul Stamp, Yacht Sales Co General Manager for Southeast Asia, and company broker Richard Klein officially opened the regatta the night before with a buffer dinner at the yacht club while taking in the skipper’s briefing from PRO Simon James.

The regatta continues tomorrow and Sunday with the final prize giving and dinner scheduled for the Phuket Yacht Club on Sunday.


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