When the sun goes down in Phuket

Phuket is known for its vibrant nightlife scene. The island offers a wide range of entertainment options, from bustling nightclubs to lively beach bars, restaurants, markets and shows.


Phuket Yacht Club Bar and Restaurant

Of course the first place you will want to visit and return to many times is Phuket Yacht Club's very own bar and restaurant - with its great food, both Western and Thai (see our menu here). Situated right on the water front with just manicured lawns between you and the sea, open air with a large canopy roof to shelter you from the rains when they come. Plenty of seating which can be reorganised should you be celebrating with a group of friends or just tables for two. With a well stocked bar (see our drinks list here) you can enjoy sundowner cocktails, soft drinks, good wines and of course local beers.

We are open every day from 9am until late evening so coe along, eat, drink, be merry and swap your yachting tales with like minded club members, locals and visitors alike. We also offer various special evenings such as wine tastings, quizzes and seasonal special meals (please see our events calendar)


Bangla Road

Located in Patong, Bangla Road is the epicenter of Phuket's nightlife. It's a pedestrian street lined with bars, clubs, and street performers. The atmosphere here is energetic and vibrant, with music blaring from every direction.

Patong Beach, Rawai Seafront, Nai Harn

Besides the beautiful Phuket coastline, the beach roads offer lively nightlife scenes to the south and along the west coast. You'll find a mix of beach bars, restaurants, and clubs along most of them.

Phuket Town

Phuket Town has a more laid-back and cultural vibe compared to Patong. However, it still has its fair share of bars, pubs, and live music venues. Soi Romanee and Ratsada Road are two popular areas for nightlife in Phuket Town. It also has Night Markets which are a great experience for both food, clothing and souvenirs.

Beach Clubs

Phuket is home to some fantastic beach clubs where you can enjoy music, drinks, and stunning ocean views. Catch Beach Club, Xana Beach Club, and Café del Mar are among the popular beach club options.

Fire Shows on the beach - Phuket, Thailand
Muay Thai Boxing matches - Phuket, Thailand
Night Markets - Phuket, Thailand

Live Music

If you're a fan of live music, you'll find several venues in Phuket that host bands and performers. Red Hot Club and Hard Rock Café in Patong along with many more local small bars with some great local musicians especially in the Rawai area... chat with the local expats in our PYC clubhouse and they will happily recommend.

It's important to note that the nightlife scene in Phuket can be lively and bustling, particularly in tourist areas. Always exercise caution, take care of your belongings, and drink responsibly. Additionally, local regulations and circumstances may have changed, so it's advisable to check for the latest information and adhere to any guidelines or restrictions during your visit.