PYC Membership Types

Club membership entitles members to a range of club facilities (the dock, car park, boat rental, tuition etc.) and discounts in the bar area (food and beverage), in competitions (club regattas and rallies), in social activities (wine tasting, gourmet meals etc.). We offer a dinghy storage facility for members and families can enjoy the discounts for their children’s sailing in our fully accredited sailing school.

1. PYC Life Members

In 2011 when the club moved to its existing premises, it needed financial assistance to develop the site Life Membership was offered at 150,000 THB and was taken up by 10 members. These members carry three nominee members.

2. PYC Corporate Members

In recent years it was recognized that a number of businesses associated to the yachting scene might benefit from Corporate Membership through which a company partners and/or employees could use the club for business and social purposes . Corporate Memberships carry three nominee members.

3. PYC Family Members

Family membership provides for two adults and if the family has children up to 2 children.

4. PYC Individual Members

Single membership. Here benefits are restricted to the individual member in question.

5. PYC Junior Members

The membership is for children wanting to join the sailing school.

6. PYC Temporary Membership

A one-month membership providing access to the clubs facilities.