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RYA Training is recognised worldwide and strives for the highest standards of sailing instruction and sailing experience.

RYA Dinghy Sailing- Adults or Junior Courses

… A really exciting and hands on way to learn sailing is in a dinghy- a small manageble boat of your own in which to figure it all out. But it doesnt end there- how about 2 person boat, trapieze or spinnaker sailing or to tests your skills in a race!

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RYA Shorebased Theory Courses

… will help you with your practical experience. Topics like navigation and seamanship a worth a study and will get you up to scratch for a RYA Cruising Course

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RYA Cruising Courses

… Learning to sail a yacht has a real sense of adventure! The ability to travel and explore places by sea in comfort and style is a great appeal. Make it something you can do too! Learning RYA courses will allow you to enjoy an exciting sea holiday or even get a job in the industry. Achieve  your dreams now!!!

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RYA Powerboat Courses

… teach you valuable practical knowledge for handling small powerboats. Boats like these are endlessly useful for safety support, rescue missions, tender driving and sports like fishing or wakeboarding. Get involved!

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