The ladies sailing program wants to create a supportive and fun environment for women in sailing! There are many reasons why ladies sailing together works well and it is great to boost the level of activity by female women in the sport. Lets be seen as sailors! Be out there sailing showing our stuff!
Regular sessions are run to encourgae ladies to start sailing or to keep training our team for regattas or just to continue our learning progress and have fun together! We can even go on a trip, do a regatta, club race or have social events as well!

All beginners will be trained by the experienced and everyone will learn and improve. The aims are a really happy place to learn and fun times had by all.
Beginners, experienced, young, old, mother, sisters, daughters, friends, are all welcome to come enjoy sailing!
Check the Facebook page to see all the stuff we have done already, and follow what we are up to: Ladies Sailing Team Phuket.
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