Twin Sharks and Voodoo continue Battle Royale

The Hatfields and McCoys would be envious of the rivalry between John Newnam’s Twin Sharks and Hans Rahmann’s Voodoo, except the competitive drive ends on the water and is replaced with the camaraderie and the sharing of suds shore side.

After two days of racing Twin Sharks sits ahead of its arch-rival by one point as it flipped first-place finishes with Voodoo from yesterday and Voodoo slipped to second overall by finishing third in race two today.

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Ray Waldron’s Surf Patrol sits in third spot with 19 points while Marc Chapus’ Moto Inzi sits behind him by three points.

Monohull racing saw the Russians on Vitaly Plaskin’s Uminoko grab two first-place finishes and first overall going into the final day. Niels Deganklow’s Phoenix sits a point back in second after five races, followed by Jessandra II, Over Here and Mini Me.

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Mike Downard’s Sail in Asia crew, sailing David Bell’s old Jeanneau Magic, decided to go home halfway through the third race cementing their hold on the final spot in the monohull division.

Describing the day’s racing,Twin Sharks crewmate Alfie Rowson said, “There was lots of snakes and ladders with the wind shifts and pressure changes. As a result, both classes saw tight racing with positioning and tactics playing a huge role in the final results.”

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Comic moment of the day went to Ray Waldron’s crew as with the wind waxing and waning, Surf Patrol’s rudder snagged the starting buoy as it crossed the start line for the first race. After a sufficient amount of cussing and cursing, they did return it to its proper place.

PYC Commodore Scott Duncanson was particularly pleased with the constantly changing positions during the days racing as shifting wind conditions enabled different boats to seize the lead at different times throughout the day. Scott was crewing on MiniMe a Shaw 650, recently purchased and refitted by Paul Burke. Its copper-brown coloring teamed with the crew’s red shirts really stood out in the glare of the midday sun. Scott described the day’s racing as “brochure-like and he was bang on. Two good days of sailing have greeted the inaugural Jai Dee Regatta and the final day on Sunday promises plenty of action with both division titles still up for grabs.

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