Multihull Solutions Regatta

Sailor’s Regatta Sailing Instructions

Sailor’s Regatta 2018 – March 8th-10th 2019
Organising Authority
The Regatta is organised by the Phuket Yacht Club (PYC)


1.1. The regatta will be governed by the rules as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing, and by:
1.2. The OMR rule for Multihulls.
1.3. The Firefly 850 Sports One Design Class Rules.
1.4. The Corsair Pulse 600 One Design Rules.
1.5. The Notice of Race and these Sailing Instructions
1.6. In case of conflict, these Sailing Instructions will prevail (this changes RRS Rule 63.7).
1.7. World Sailing Offshore (OSR) Special Regulations for Inshore Racing in daylight hours shall apply to all boats except that: the requirement to be self-righting will not apply; and lifelines will not be required. No national prescriptions will apply.
1.8. Crew Weight
1.8.1. In accordance with OMR, each boat shall declare a minimum crew weight, WCD.
1.8.2. In Class Two, Firefly 850 Sports One Design Class, WCD will be in accordance with class rules.
1.8.3. In Class Three, Pulse 600 One Design Class, WCD will be in accordance with class rules.
1.8.4. In Class Four, Open/Performance Multihulls Using the PYC Regatta Performance System each boat shall declare a minimum crew weight, WCD. Boats will be allocated a base handicap by the racecommittee based on the principals of the OMR Rating System. A boat’s rating may be adjusted after each race, based on her performance in that race, her base rating and the series to date.
1.8.5. For the purposes of crew weight, scales will be available at registration on Friday.

1.9. No owner requested alteration to the boats’ TCC will be permitted during the regatta except as a result of a rating protest, to correct rating office errors or to allow for the use of substitute equipment result
of serious damage. However, the Race Committee may grant special dispensation for boats carrying official media representatives for an individual race.

    2.1. All boats shall carry an identifying sail number of at least 2 digits on the mainsail.
    2.2. The Organisers may require all participating boats to display event sponsor advertising in accordance with ISAF Regulation 20.4.
    3.1. Notices to competitors will be posted on the Official Regatta Notice Board located at the PYC and to the PYC website.
    3.2. Failure to display notices on the website or at the additional notice boards will not be grounds for redress.
    4.1. Any change to the sailing instructions will be posted before 08.30 on the day it will take effect, except that any change to the schedule of races will be posted by 20.00 on the day before it will take effect.
    5.1. Signals made ashore will be displayed on a flag post located at the sea wall in front of PYC.
    5.2. When Flag AP (Answering Pennant) is displayed ashore, “one minute” is replaced with “not less than
    30 minutes” in Race Signal AP.
    5.3. When a visual signal is displayed over a class flag(s), it applies to that class(es) only.
    6.1. The regatta will consist of 3 days racing. It is intended there will be 6 races in total.
    6.2. The Skippers briefing and Weigh-in will be held at PYC on Friday 8th March from 08:30- 10:00
    6.3. The scheduled time of the warning signal for the first class each day is:
    Day 1 Friday March 8th 12.00hours 2 races
    Day 2 Saturday March 9th 11.00 Hours 3 Races
    Day 3 Sunday March 10th 11.00 Hours 3 Races
    6.4. Classes may be started in any order.
    6.5. When more than one race will be held on the same day, the warning signal for succeeding races will be made as soon as practicable. To alert boats that another race will begin soon, the postponement signal will be displayed before the warning signal for the first class to start is displayed.
    6.6. On the last day of the regatta no warning signal will be made after 15.00hrs
  6. CLASS FLAGS – IRC = Blue, OMR = Yellow, PHS = Orange
  7. RACING AREAS – Chalong Bay and surrounding islands
    9.1 Courses will be displayed at the bar on each race day. They will contain a number of Windward/Leeward and Coastal courses.
    9.2. Courses will be chosen to take into account the prevailing or forecast weather conditions.
    10.1. Races will be started using RRS Rule 26 with the warning signal given 5 minutes before the starting signal.
    10.2. Before the second race of the day for a class(es) is started, the warning signal for the first class to
    start will be preceded by the display of a postponement signal for at least 5 minutes. This instruction will not apply after a general recall or abandonment.
    10.3. A boat starting later than 5 minutes after her starting signal will be scored Did Not Start without a hearing. This changes rule A4.
    10.4. Boats whose warning signal has not been made shall avoid the starting area during the starting sequence for other races.
    11.1. For all class(es) rule 44.1 is changed so that the Two-Turns Penalty is replaced by the One-Turn Penalty.
    11.2. Unless otherwise prescribed in these Sailing instructions, the Protest Committee in accordance with RRS 64, may award a scoring penalty as an alternative to DSQ. The penalty will be at the discretion of the
    Protest Committee. The scoring abbreviation for a discretionary penalty imposed under this instruction will be DPI
    12.1. The absolute time limit for all racing is 17.30 hours on any day. Boats finishing outside this limit will be scored Did Not Finish without a hearing. This changes rules 35, A4 and A5.
    12.2. The time limit for individual coastal courses shall be 4 hours. Boats failing to finish within 120
    minutes after the first boat in their class, sails the course and finishes will be scored Did Not Finish without a hearing. This changes rules 35, A4 and A5.
    12.3. The time limit for individual Windward/Leeward courses shall be 2 hours. Boats failing to finish within 60 minutes after the first boat in their class, sails the course and finishes will be scored Did Not Finish without a hearing. This changes rules 35, A4 and A5.
    12.4. The Race Committee may, at its absolute discretion award finishing points (FPA) to the last few stragglers in a class. Boats who are informed of this decision shall immediately return to the start area, if there is a second race, or return ashore if that was their last race of the day. This changes Rule 35 and
    Appendix 4.1
    13.1. Protest forms are available from the race office. Protests and Requests for Redress shall be delivered there within the protest time limit. Protest Fee is THB 10,000

13.2. For each class, the protest time limit is 60 minutes after the last boat has finished the last race of the day or the race committee signals no more racing today, whichever is later.

13.3. Notices will be posted no later than 30 minutes after the protest time limit to inform competitors of hearings in which they are parties or named as witnesses. Hearings will be held in the protest room at the times posted.
13.4. Notices of protests by the race committee or protest committee will be posted on the official notice board situated near the kitchen, to inform boats under rule 61.1(b).
13.5. Decisions of the Protest Committee will be final as provided in RRS Rule 70.4

    14.1. For all classes, a maximum 8 races are scheduled.
    14.2. Two races are required to be completed to constitute a series.
    14.3. If less than 8 races are completed, a boat’s series score will be the total of her race scores
  2. OFFICIAL BOATS – Official boats may or may not display a “Race Committee” Flag.
    16.1. Radio communications between boats and the Race Committee will be carried out by VHF on Channel 72.
    16.2. Except in an emergency, a boat shall neither make radio transmissions while racing nor receive radio communications not available to all boats. This restriction also applies to mobile telephones.
    16.3. A yacht retiring from a race must at the earliest opportunity notify the Race Committee of this by hail, message, VHF on Channel 72 or cellular phone on the number provided by the Race Committee.
    17.1. The Race committee may shorten course at any rounding or passing mark in accordance with RRS 32 and/or as changed by this SI.
  5. PRIZES – Yes, if you all behave yourselves, do your turns and don’t protest.
  7. Each participating boat shall be insured with valid third party liability insurance to a minimum cover
    of Thai Baht Twenty Million per incident or the equivalent.
    21.1. Ambulance – 076210935
    21.2. Emergency Meeting Point: Primary – Chalong Pier. Secondary – Phuket Yacht Club
  9. DISCLAIMER – Competitors participate in the regatta entirely at their own risk. See rule 4, Decision to Race. The organising authority will not accept any liability for material damage or personal injury or death sustained in conjunction with or prior to, during, or after the regatta.


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