The Phuket Yacht Club history is a story of success thanks to many assisting and giving their time as volunteers.

The Ao Chalong Yacht Club (ACYC) began in the early 1990’s as the Ao Chalong Cruising Yacht Club (ACCYC). Established by several locals to get people together for cruising purposes, its first ‘home’ was Pan’s Lighthouse with Horst Lakits serving as its 1st commodore.

The Ao Chalong Yacht Club formed several years later and offered Sunday races, giving it a more competitive nature.

Venues have changed several times over the years with The Lighthouse providing premises including the area beyond the Richmond Group’s property development, The Pier, formerly The Fishing Lodge. The club officially moved into new premises in 2009 in the Chalong area off east Chao Fa Road close to Wine Connection and Flints One Bakery.

Hats off to the many people who have assisted in getting ACYC to where it is now.  Several people have served as Commodore, providing the guiding light and steering the passage since the early days from Mark Horwood, Scott Duncanson, Mick Kealy and Grenville Fordham.