Multihull Solutions Regatta 2020
Multihull Regatta

Multihull Solutions Regatta 2020

It is with great pleasure we can finally confirm the Multihull Solutions Regatta 2020 will proceed as scheduled next month.
At the time of writing the Covid 19 pandemic restrictions are still being eased but we confidently foresee that yacht racing will be possible in July albeit with social distancing measures likely still in place.
With this in mind the 2020 event will operate in a simplified format, still with plenty of sailing but a tuned-down social program is planned to meet the expected crowd gathering restrictions.
As international travel will likely still not be possible in July, we expect and welcome an increase in local participation.
We also recognize that many boat owners and crew members have fallen on difficult economic times. In respect of this and the simpler social program we are pleased to announce the 2,000 baht crew fee has been eased for 2020 and only the boat entry fee will apply.
May we take this opportunity to thank our sponsors, competitors and regatta volunteers for their patience while the Covid pandemic and subsequent restrictions have panned out.
It’s been a long time between regattas and we look forward to greeting everyone at the club in July.
Scott Duncanson
“After all the recent Covid restrictions sailors all over Thailand can’t wait to get back on the water for the upcoming Multihull Solutions Regatta at the Phuket Yacht Club. Save the dates and enter while there is still room. Lots of great charter options in every class.
See you on the water in July!”
Andrew deBruin, Multihull Solutions

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