Cats on the Prowl – MHSR Final day

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Cats on the Prowl – MHSR Final day
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Sunday the 16th July and the final days racing at the 2017 Multihull Solutions Regatta, with raceday three sponsored by Sailescapes.

Strong winds and gusts along with repairs and ongoing difficulties prevailed in the third and final day of the Multihull Solutions Regatta today and although most racers were content to settle for one race and the toil of the grueling 20 knots of wind, several members of Multihull Racing and the three in Multihull Cruising opted in for a second race. (Gotta love the radio talk: “Yeah, we’re in for another one, mate!’) Cats were on the hunt, er, victory, and some obtained their prey.

Race One once again saw Henry Kaye’s Thor leading the Racing Multihull pack and obtaining victory in the Regatta. Asia Catamarans Hurricane’s Alan Carwardine and crew claimed second place and Peter Wood’s top Cat, third.

Five races for the Fireflys have John Newnhams’s Twin Sharks on top with Voodoo skippered by Ian Coulson and Mil Grace (The Frog) in second and third respectively.

Five races were also enough for the Corsair Pulse 600 class. Although Andrew DeBruin’s Multihull Solutions H30 took top spot in today’s Race 5, it wasn’t enough to overtake Paul Baker and John Priestly’s Pulse Yellow to win the class in the Regatta.

Cruising Multihull class enjoyed the strong winds by all appearances! Eager to compete with the conditions, five races were held with today’s victories held by Robert Hossack’s Rapter in first, Rick Fielding’s Mojo in second and Mike Spurle’s Proud Cat in third. Today’s second race saw Mojo, Rapter and Proud Cat on the podium with overall results in that order.

PRO Simon James’ call for a second race incited… several cats on the prowl. Although most of today’s participants in Multihull Racing were willing to ‘pounce’ home and enjoy some beers and leisure time after the first race, three boats in Multihull Racing decided on another race due to lower podiums places. Despite a cat fight with Java tearing her jib and performing impressively on the downward legs of spinnaker runs in the two-leg course, Top Cat, taking up the challenge, has placed third with Java and Phantom V finishing fourth and fifth places respectively, today and overall.

A Day of Flight!- 2017 Multihull Solutions Regatta day two

Regattas are rough and tough with preparations on boats being costly and time consuming. Often it is the windiest regattas that bring the most smiles to the faces despite damages incurred. Congratulations and thanks to all 21 the boats and people who have contributed to the sailing efforts – for being here.  

Others who have made this long-running regatta a success are the sponsors. Multihull Solutions has been the title sponsor for many years now having steered the event into the most prominent multihull regatta in Southeast Asia. Thanks to Race Day Sponsors East Marine, Octopus Electrical Service and Sail Escapes along with Supporting Sponsors Corsair Marine International, Java Yachting and Sovereign BBQs & Grills. There’s also the Media Supporters Australian Multihull World and SEA Yachting who publish the event and what’s on.

Last but not least are the people running the courses along with the mornings and evening’s happenings – PRO Simon James and the volunteers on the committee boat, start and pin boats plus Kim and Pia and crew running the restaurant at Phuket Yacht Club. All of their tremendous efforts and commitments to provide a high quality and fun event are unsurpassable.

Good on you Guys ‘N Gals, we’ll see you next year!

Results are available at
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A Day of Flight!- 2017 Multihull Solutions Regatta day two

2017 Multihull Solutions Regatta day two

Hulls flying, a Firefly pitch poling, warp speeds… Day 2 of the Multihull Solutions Regatta saw plenty of action in Ao Chalong with many of the fleet gaining air and travelling at (warp!) speeds that sent hearts soaring and stomachs rising. Ray Waldron’s Surf Patrol dug bows into the water during the second race and landed the wrong way up. Fortunately a media boat with Brent McInnes and Capt. Marty aboard were there to assist and right her.  For some of us long timers in the sailing scene, it brings back memories when the same boat did the same trick several years ago.

A Day of Flight!- 2017 Multihull Solutions Regatta day two

The strong wind proved to be fruitful for Henry Kaye’s Thor in the Multihull Racing class with the Seacart not only leading the pack and gaining line honours, but winning today’s two races on corrected time.  Alan Carwardine’s Asia Catamarans Hurricane placed second and Peter Wood’s Top Cat third. After four races, Thor, Hurricane and Top Cat are looking to take the podium spots respectively.

In the Firefly class John Newnham’s Twin Sharks once again took victory in both races with Voodoo skippered by Ian Coulson placing in second and the Japanese crew on Mil Grace (The Frog) skippered by Natsuki Motoyoshi in third. George Eddings Blue Noze rides on fourth place with Molto Inzi in fifth after not running the second race and Surf Patrol with DNFs.

The Corsair Pulse 600 class saw two boats competing with Neil Ayre’s Java Racing not coming to calls from PRO Simon James. Paul Baker and John Priestly’s have racked up the points to put them in first place, trailed by Andrew DeBruin’s Multihull Solutions H30.

2017 Multihull Solutions Regatta day two

Cruising Multihulls ran two races today with the results after two days placing Rick Fielding’s Mojo in first, Robert Hassack’s Rapter in second and Mike Spurle’s Proud Cat in third.

Thanks to all the sponsors who make this Regatta happen and be the most successful regatta in Southeast Asia. The Regatta has grown from an initial seven entries to 21 in 2017 with a lot of credit due to the helmsman ship of Multihull Solutions as the title sponsor.

Kudos also go to Race Day Sponsors East Marine, Octopus Electrical Service and Sail Escapes. Supporting sponsors are Corsair Marine International, Java Yachting and Sovereign BBQs & Grills. The Regatta also acknowledges Media Supporters Australian Multihull World and SEA yachting.

Results are available here