Sailing Lessons and RYA Courses

In Sail School by Liz Schoch

Yo Ho Sailors!!!
The Phuket Yacht Club is happy to release dates for all sailing activities from February to July.
Please contact us now to secure your place!!!

There are a variety of activities to participate in at PYC.

RYA Courses are now available! Popular courses are the RYA Competent Crew and Day Skipper course, these are a 5 day live-a-board course where you learn whilst sailing around the beautiful Phuket Region.
Also available from RYA are Theory courses, Powerboat Courses and Dinghy Sailing Courses. Please check out for information about all courses

Dinghy Sailing Lessons! For kids and adults alike, a nice weekend activity to enjoy what our local area has to offer as well as practice and develop  your sailing skills. Sailing sessions are normally half day sessions at a high tide.

Sailing available! Do you need to build miles or gain more sailing experience? Do you want an activity for a school, cooporate or other group? Or do you have some time available for sailing activies or RYA courses? Contact us as we are available and ready to make a sailing program for you!!!

RYA Day Skipper and Competent Crew Courses

7- 11th March
26-30th March
4- 8th April
11-15th April
18- 22nd April
9- 13th May
16-20th May
30th May- 3rd June
6- 10th June
13- 17th June
20- 24th June
27th June- 1st July
4- 8th July
26- 30th July

Dinghy Sailing Weekends

13-14th February
27-28th February
12-13th March
19- 20th March
26-27th March
9- 10th April
16- 17th April
23-24th April
7-8th May
14-15th May
21-22nd May
4-5th June
11- 12th June
18- 19th June
25- 26th June
2-3rd July
9-10th July
30- 31st July

Sailing Lessons available on request

23rd Feb- 4th March
12- 17th March
26th- 30th March*
4- 24th April*
5- 15th May*
16- 20th May
30th May- 5th June
6th June -12th July*
26- 31st July*

*indicates availability of RYA Theory, Powerboat and Dinghy Courses as well as general Sailing Lesson availability